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DATASET AND FRAMEWORK DESCRIPTION OF LATEST NEWS news and media: This section begins by describing the dataset used...

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Breaking News:Thоuѕаndѕ оf Jаmіаt Ulеmа-і-Iѕlаm-Fаzl (JUI-F) рrоtеѕtеrѕ on Frіdау соntіnuеd tо blосk mаjоr hіghwауѕ across the соuntrу аѕ part оf the раrtу'ѕ...

PM Imran Khan Tweets

Pakistan welcomes the conclusion of the landmark Riyadh Agreement, as a result of the initiative taken by the Saudi leadership and support by UAE...

Two Azadi March protesters died of cardiac arrest

Two participants of the JUI-F’s Azadi March died Wednesday morning after suffering cardiac arrests. Another protester died a day earlier and his funeral prayers...